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My new article: "Ascension in the Time of the Shift" will be in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, page 136:

Also I have a new article on called "Finding your Authentic Nature." Here is the link:

"A Primer for Ascension" , Lessons Learned on the Path of Ascension
by Pierre Dubois

At the express request of my advanced students, I developed this comprehensive, fundamental how-to ascension manual for all Lightworkers, Starseeds, Healers and Truth seekers, who are serious about the mastery of life and need support in their spiritual journey toward ascension.

I decided to explore the process of ascension from the point of view of someone who has walked the path and traversed the territory in order to bring into focus the achievements, pitfalls, landmarks, and signposts that you need to watch for but that other teachers usually do not talk about. Along with many groundbreaking self-healing tools, the personal examples that I share are intimate and genuine, and intentionally thought-provoking at times, to bring you compelling and profound practical insights.

It is my heartfelt wish that this first book will facilitate your work and give you a solid, propelling foundation for your individual ascension process. - Pierre Dubois

Primer for Ascension - Buy Now on for $17.99

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Come and join us for the a Free Book signing event to hear author, Pierre Dubois discuss his recently released, ground breaking, book about the healing and empowerment process called: A Primer for Ascension, Lessons Learned on the Path of Enlightenment.find out more...

“We are in the process of dismantling the current planetary fear paradigm. No avatar or world teacher is coming to save us. This age is the time in which men and women become Gods and Goddesses.” - Pierre Dubois

Our world is changing radically and rapidly: from melting polar ice caps, devastating earthquakes, catastrophic tsunamis, extreme weather patterns, to economic collapses and dramatic global population growth.Everywhere there is a feeling of insecurity: What will happen to our children? Will we survive these atmospheric and social changes? What can we do to adapt to this unprecedented new complex environment?The Ancients predicted that in our lifetime, the planet would be transitioning into an evolution of human consciousness heralding the beginning of a golden age. What is this shift that is upon us? What is this highest form of human existence? Is it reserved to only a chosen few?

This evolutionary processis called ASCENSION. Earth is simply ascending and so is humanity. Synonymous with self-realization, enlightenment or illumination, ascension is a state of consciousness where the experience of life is mastered and elevated into an effortless level. This exalted state is not a special privilege that is reserved to a few. It is an evolution in consciousness that anyone can achieve.

A Primer for ASCENSION is an invaluable, self-empowering companion in your journey toward ascension. You will understand how today’s dynamism requires timely and innovative solutions to overcome the global challenges of tomorrow by simply focusing on your individual ascension, and that we are actually living in an extraordinary time. At no other moment in history have there been such public acceptance, openness, and tolerance of personal growth, alternative spiritual practices, and consciousness mechanics. It is time to abandon our usual pessimism about the state of the planet and adopt more optimism and faith in humanity and its capacity for self-healing and -empowerment.

“The truth is that ascension is not a climb, an arduous task, or an effort. It is a letting go and a surrendering.” – Pierre Dubois

In A Primer for ASCENSION, you will understand all the mechanics of the ascension process and learn unique, efficient tools to accelerate it, such as, how to:

Ultimately, you will discover what is the underlying universal "block" that slows down humanity’s ascension process, and what is the key to unravel it and propel you to a rapid and successful ascension. You will understand why we cannot manifest our true desires in our current state of consciousness and that, through ascension, we can simply re-connect to the cosmic power that moves everything and remember that we are co-creators with God.

Watch the Ascension 101 Video Series.

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